Using Digital Business Cards to Optimize Your Networking!

Using Digital Business Cards to Optimize Your Networking!

Using Digital Business Cards to Optimize Your Networking!

We have all been there. After returning from a networking event, we take our stack of accumulated business cards received from new contacts at the event. Many of them could be great prospects or at least someone who might be able to introduce you to a great prospect. After putting a rubber band around them, and throw them on the desk. Tomorrow (you think), I will enter all of their information into my contact system and follow-up. But then, the next day is crazy busy at work and well, we just never get around to it. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months. The business cards continue to grow and as time goes by, they become less valuable. Three months from now, no one will remember the great conversation they had with you, or even meeting you. Alternatively, how about this? You meet someone while out running errands and you forgot to bring any business cards with you. You share names and companies, but unless you are very good at writing it down or remembering, another good potential lead goes to waste. However, the one thing you almost always have on your person is your smart phone. What if you could store a digital version of your business card on your phone? One that could be easily customized and shared? Wouldn’t that be great?
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The new BusinessCardXO is free and has many advantages including:

  • Always being with you
  • Easy to share with others with just a couple of taps
  • Gets your contact information and company on the home screen of clients and prospects
  • Differentiates you and makes a great first impression
  • Easy to update
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces the number of printed cards you need to purchase and carry
  • Provides multi-media options like videos, images and audio
  • Linking to your social media accounts, web pages, documents and videos is easy
  • Can lead them to a survey for qualification and trigger a personalized, automated lead nurturing sequence

This is only a few of the potential benefits. Check it out for yourself. Better yet, schedule a brief call with me and I will explain all the possibilities.

Virtual learning environments offer many benefits

Virtual learning environments offer many benefits

The state of the e-learning globally continues to shift, grow and evolve. Docebo, a market research firm, reports the size of the e-learning is estimated to exceed 240 billion dollars by 2023. Also according to the latest Market study released by Technavio, another market research company, the size of the global corporate e-learning Market is predicted to reach 31 billion dollars in revenue by the end of 2020. According to the Pew Research Center, 73% of adults consider themselves lifelong learners. Enterprises of different sizes have started considering e-learning as a solution to their employee training initiatives, prospect and client communications, and as an approach to solve various productivity related issues. The introduction of social, google, and cloud technologies has facilitated the adoption eLearning solutions. Broadly, the entire e-learning landscape is changing rapidly and new trends continue to emerge. Some of these Trends are related to the eLearning industry itself, while others have been generated by the transformation of the organizational human resource function.

Personalization strategies represent a move away from the one-size-fits-all training approach. Today’s learners want a learning experience that fits their personal needs, learning speed, preferred learning style and their learning pathway.

The rapidly expanding mobile market and its developing technologies are also fueling the consumption of elearning content. Over 50% of online content is being viewed on a mobile device.

The increasing popularity of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is fueling elearning growth. Since 2011, the number of students who signed up for at least one online course has crossed 35 million. Increasingly, corporations are partnering with academic universities or other producers of content and offering co-branded MOOCs.

People of all ages love games. Some 67% of American households play computer or video games. A large percentage of those people are moving into the workforce with a strong preference for games. Gamification techniques are being applied to elearning in order to motivate learners to perform better and to motivate action.

Micro-learning involves learning and smaller steps, and goes hand-in-hand with traditional e-learning. Activities that are micro learning based usually feature short-term lessons, projects, workhorse work that is designed to provide the student with bits of information. This approach has been demonstrated to improve the student’s understanding and retention.


ELearning can be utilized for customer service training, sales training, customer training, safety training, IT training, product training, healthcare training, and many other areas. If you would like to explore how he learning can be utilized in your organization, please contact AdvisorXO.

Use membership programs to create loyalty

Use membership programs to create loyalty

Small business owners continue coming up with different approaches to attract and keep customers. Membership Programs offer an approach which can make sense for many businesses. Because it is much more expensive to attract new customers than retain current ones, membership programs for small business can be profitable.

What is a membership Program? Fundamentally, a membership program asks people to contribute something. It could be money, time , their presence, their contact information, or certain actions. People that join a membership program have a unique relationship with an organization and are usually afforded certain privileges such as special access to valuable information or price discounts.

A membership program can offer financial benefits and provide increased community support to a local business by fostering a feeling of belonging.

A well designed membership program can:

  • help improve customer loyalty by fulfilling one’s innate desire to belong;
  • help businesses generate more revenue from existing customers;
  • improve referral business. VIP Programs can incentivize your existing customers to promote your products and services to family and friends;
  • make your revenues more predictable by charging recurring fees.

And here’s another benefit – because it allows you to learn more about your customers, it also permits greater customer segmentation and enhanced personalization, thereby improving customer communications.

A Loyalty Program which offers discounts and other incentives to its members is an example of a membership program. Loyalty Programs arose due to an increased need for companies to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. When the ability to differentiate via product features lessened due to increased competition, companies turned to Loyalty Programs and other membership programs to gain a competitive advantage.

But membership programs are not easy to create. They take time and you need to establish a structure at the onset. A continued focus on membership growth activities and on monitoring success metrics is required to make them successful. The number of members added / dropped, member churn rate, average subscription rate and lifetime membership value are important performance indicators.

But if you can persevere, stay focused and build a successful membership program, it will pay dividends for many years to come.