Gary S. Morgan, MBA

Gary Morgan's headshot

My career has provided diverse exposure to small, medium and large company operations; for-profit and non-profit organizations; publicly-owned and privately-owned corporations.  I have worked in the areas of financial management, sales, business development, and technology – including implementing the latest strategies in digital marketing and deploying software to automate processes.

My business experiences have included senior leadership positions and Board of Director participation which has provided me with a “big picture” understanding of the business strategy planning and program development necessary for growth. My entrepreneurial spirit has connected me with numerous start-up ventures, some wildly successful and some not so much… however, I’ve learned just as much, if not more, from the under performers.

I have a particular affinity to the health care industry, having spent many quality years in management of health care operations.

Most importantly, I am passionate about applying the lessons I have learned over 35 years to help others achieve growth and success. I like to give before expecting anything in return. That means I never charge for my services without spending significant time to understand your business objectives and to ascertain how and if I can help you. I believe in taking the time to set expectations at the onset of a relationship.  My approach includes what you can expect from me, but also what I expect from you. Performance partnerships are the best path to achieving your goals.